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Forum (dt)


The new event of Hochschul-SMD in autumn

Forum 2024 (engl.)

15.09.2024 bis 20.09.2024

Forum 2024 (engl.)

Konferenz Schulungen überregional Hochschul-SMD

Get ready for Hochschul-SMD’s first Forum!

One week with over one hundred students from SMD groups all over Germany and abroad that want to live with Jesus and talk about him – in their everyday lives, in their studies, with their friends.
Together we want to encounter God, have our faith strengthened, get in touch with others, discuss and learn: How can we live our faith at our universities? How can we share the good news with others?


Forum [ˈfoːrʊm], noun: place of meeting, assembly, ideas

The Forum: A week in which over one hundred students from many cities  all over Germany come together in the special atmosphere of Volkenroda Abbey. Students who love Jesus, want to live with him and talk about him - in their everyday life, in their studies, in their friendships.

Who can come?

It doesn't matter whether you're in the first or last year of your studies, whether you're just discovering what it means to live your faith at university or whether you've been involved for years. It doesn't matter whether you're an old SMD hand or "I-don't-even-know-if-I-want-to-be-part-of-this", whether you help in the International group or go to an SMD home group. No matter if you are an international student, whether German is your mother tongue or not.
Become a part of it! Sign up, bring your friends or even your whole SMD group.
Because the Forum is your forum.

The Theme: Possible With God

At the Forum, we gather each morning to learn about our great God and to spend time with him in music, prayer, and bible studies. We want to listen to God through his word and be encouraged by him. In small groups we will discuss, what is possible with God and how this changes our everyday lives.

Join us on a five-day-journey through the life of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark, from baptism to crucifixion and resurrection. Come and see how the Son of God changes people’s life. He calls them to follow him and makes way for them to enter the kingdom of heaven – because this is possible with God!

We are thrilled to announce Andrew Page as our main speaker at Forum. Andrew worked in student’s ministry in the UK and in Austria. Today he lives in Southampton/England. Andrew has read the Gospel of Mark countless times, written books about it and developed a theatre play, the Mark Drama.
Looking forward to the Forum, he said: “It is a great gift for me to be able to preach on the Gospel of Mark at Forum. Whenever I read in Mark, Jesus surprises me and I encounter him in new ways. It is my prayer for all of us at Forum to discover a new love to Jesus. I hope to meet you all in September!” 

The afternoons: Tracks

The afternoons are filled by tracks. Tracks consist of four consecutive sessions to dig deeper into a topic with a fixed group of people. You will examine biblical foundations, discover everyday relevance, put it into practice and have plenty of time for conversation, questions and reflection.

On the first day of Forum you can register to the following tracks:

Love. Listen. Share. with Rebekka Meussling and Immanuel Feigel
Mission with heart and mind
Together with us, discover God's missionary heart with us and be moved by it.

How to steer a leadership with Rufina Kaehler, Nils Wendel und Hans-Markus Haizmann
Taking on leadership and responsibility in and outside of SMD groups
Learn about God’s view on leadership and discover tasks and opportunities of being a leader.

Crossing Cultures with Julia Mayer and the ISA-Team
Reaching out to international students
Learn how to serve your international friends with God’s Word and his love.  

Theology and you with Gigi Schmidt and Konstantin Spindler
How can I understand the cross?
Using the cross as an example, you will learn how to work through a theological question - and what you can gain from it.

What else is happening?

In addition to the tracks, there will be workshop sessions with a wide range of themes on theology, being a Christian at university or how to live your personal faith.  

A variety of serious and light-hearted topics await you in the evening gatherings.

The premises and the buildings, invite you to do sports, have fun, relax body and soul.  
Meet lots of great people, make new friends, exchange ideas, make plans and breathe in inspiration.  

This is your Forum to think and learn together: How can I live my faith at my university? How can I spread the good news?

The Venue

Idyllically located between fields, forests and meadows in Thuringia lies the Volkenroda Abbey. Founded 900 years ago as a Cistercian monastery, the community of the Jesus-Bruderschaft lives, prays and works here today. In this fascinating spiritual tradition and contemporary life, past and present also meet in the architecture.  Opposite the 12th century monastery church stands the impressive 21st century Christuspavillon. This is where we will hold our plenary events and take part in prayer times of the monastic community.


Events such as Bible studies, tracks or workshops are usually held in German, sometimes in English. There will always be translation available. If you speak one of the two languages, you can comfortably take part in the Forum programme.

Hard Facts

Sunday, 15 September 2024

Friday, 20 September 2024

Kloster Volkenroda, Gutshof 1, 99998 Volkenroda/Germany
Two weeks before the start of Forum, you will receive an information letter with further information concerning traveling to Volkenroda. There will be a shuttle service available from Mühlhausen train station to Volkenroda.

Participation fee (incl. all meals)
-    Attending all days (indoor sleeping): 195 €
-    Attending all days (camping): 135 €

Forum has two categories for the participation fee. In the cheaper category, outdoor enthusiasts can stay overnight in their own tent. Those who book the more expensive category sleep in one of the guest houses.
We try to organise Forum as cost-effectively as possible for you. If you cannot afford the participation fee or can only afford part of it, please contact forum@smd.org or any SMD staff. We will then find a good solution together so that you can take part in Forum.

You will receive the bank details with the automatically generated confirmation email. Please transfer your contribution as soon as you register.

Cancellation fee
For cancellations after 07 September 2024 there is a cancellation fee of 25 €.

Confirmation of registration
Confirmation, information letter and list of participants will be sent out approx. two weeks before the start of the conference.


Personal data
About your stay
If you are traveling by train we provide a shuttle service for you between Mühlhausen (Thüringen) train station and the location
If you don't know your arrival time at the train station in Mühlhausen (Thüringen) by now, please write you arrivel time as soon as you know to hochschul@smd.org
If you are looking for an opportunity to carpool with other students, we'll put you on a list. It will contain your name, your carpool priorities, your email adress and mobile number, if provided. You will receive this carpool list to you 2 weeks prior the event.
Further information
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